Broken Bell!

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What fun it would be to ring the bells and run away to a far away location  and listen ...listen to something that was created by you .Because music coming from a distance location has put me into situations where I see the strings entangled in such a misery or mystery that  it becomes impossible to bring them back in shape but strangled strings are so musical that it feels nice to listen to them.

How  can  365 Days of a year create music and misery at the same time ?I have always abstained from  counting days because they don't bring any enthusiasm to the already slipping days with no such reasons to smile or create smiles on others faces.I have also been suppressing my abstract thoughts because they are too gloomy and I don't have reasons to justify that .But now I am counting  days ,maybe that would make me busy and help me understand that days are passing..passing in a strange fashion where I want to say something that I have no mood to speak about or do something that brings no pleasure to me.Recently,I read somewhere that we should not publicize our thoughts but that perhaps was coming from a person who was actually publicizing the thought of not publicizing the thought.

okay! Again I am scribbling things without coherency..

But I have reasons for that ..
There are two ways to let things go,either you suppress them or you shout them out to make others listen .I chose the first option!
Past few days have been such that ,even the things I write are so superficial that suppressed thoughts do not spit out.
Being incoherent with jumping thoughts states the level of interest that we are feeling from our surrounding.I am least interested in the things that repeat..repeat themselves without any struggle ,love or hatred.Things that are too straight..!

But I also hate the things that are sudden sudden that it makes you go  weak in knees that you struggle to move and jump or take a footstep ahead.My 365 Days so far had been the same.They were straight and sudden.

2016 Throwback  had been incoherent just like me.

With no alignment and it plucked out the beautiful flower of my life.
Anger,Disgust,Annoyance and  gladness are emotions that comes one after the other.But I felt them all within the span of a moment.

I have so far hated to be at the places where people are sick.Sick people,lying straight  on bed..yelling ,crying and  all that you hear is the sound of clock and those machines that helped them  to lie straight on bed.

Things that you feel when you see someone leaving and loosing the breathe is not worldly.You feel feverish.You feel like half of your breathe  went with the breathe of the person loosing the breathe..

 They was no music in it.The bell broke and strings of mystery went straight on the ground and broke themselves.My father had been a music to me .He was not straight and strings of his life was entangled and had no proof would be corrected at any point of time.But still,it was musical .There is no music,no bells,no strings now.

I have so far been trying to repair the broken bell ..but its a sheer despair!
Few things cant be repaired.There is no happy ending to them.They have to be just the way they are!

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